Board of Directors

Raymond “Ray” Grosvenor


Ray was born (1943) and raised in Iowa.  He began teaching in Iowa in 1967.  In 1970 Ray moved to Hailey where he continued teaching science both at the Wood River High School and Wood River Junio High School.  He became Vice-Principal at the Wood River Junior High in 1986 and continued in that capacity at Wood River Middle School until he retired in 2001.  Ray also met and married his wife Sharon (Bruhy) here in the Wood River Valley.

Ray began serving on the Hailey Cemetery Maintenance Board in 2001.

He has felt a strong connection to the cemetery as several of his closest friends and associates are buried here, as well as many of his former students, neighbors, and community members.

Ray feels it is an honor and privilege to serve on the Hailey Cemetery Maintenance District’s Board.  Through the exceptional efforts of present and past board members, the Hailey Cemetery District has improved the offerings and service to its patrons.

During his tenure on the board, Ray has seen many changes: New and more efficient ground maintenance equipment; Fence enclosures for the grounds via a grant from the Seagrave Foundation; An extensive Columbarium addition to improving the cemetery’s capacity and choices for patrons; A Gazebo for family and private meetings; and improved records and information retrieval are a just a few.  He is proud of the Board’s dedication to operating a quality cemetery and its many accomplishments, especially the rejuvenation of the Annual Memorial Day Ceremony.

Marsha Riemann


Marsha Ann Riemann graduated from North High School in 1960.  She attended El Camino Jr. College taking Police Science and Accounting.

Marsha moved to the Wood River Valley in June of 1971 with her husband Charlie and her two Children Jeff and Matt. In 1971 her third son David was born. 

Marsha was employed at the Blaine County Sheriff’s Office from September 1976 to September of 1979. She worked as a Dispatcher, issuing driver licenses and typing reports for the Deputies and Sheriff.

In 1979, Marsha began part-time employment with the Soil Conservation District, where she assisted with Snow Surveys and taking minutes at the district meetings. During this time, Marsha also worked part-time for the Blaine County Recorder’s Office indexing recordings.

Marsha began full-time employment at the Blaine County Recorder’s Office as the Payroll Clerk in 1979. She then moved from Payroll Clerk to an accounting position working under Mary Green.

In 1991, Marsha joined the Bellevue City Council, where they worked on the beginnings of extensive road and maintenance improvements in Bellevue. 

In 1994, Marsha resigned her position on the Bellevue City Council and moved to Carey, where she continued working for Blaine County.

In 1998 she was elected to the office of Blaine County Clerk. She began her tenure in 1999 and retired in January of 2007.

In March of 2008, Marsha began a position on the Blaine Manor Board of Directors.  She continued the work until Blaine Manor closed in October of 2013.

Marsha also worked for the Hailey Cemetery Maintenance District on a part-time basis, assisting them with the calculations for their levy.  She became a board member for the Hailey Cemetery in 2010 and continues to hold that position today.

Teddie Karroll Daley


Teddie Karroll Daley moved to the Wood River Valley with her parents in January 1955.

She attended her senior year of school at Hailey High School in 1960, now known as Wood River High School. Teddie went to school at the University of Idaho from 1962 to 1966.  She is married but separated and has one son and two granddaughters.

Teddie worked at Sun Valley from 1957 to 1966 in accounting.  In 1970 she worked for the First Security Bank in Sun Valley. Teddie has been a Blaine County Historical Museum member from 1987 to 1993 and from 1995 to the present and has served as Treasurer, President, and Director.

Over the years, Teddies’ interest and volunteerism have been with the Blaine County Historical Museum, the Heritage Court program, the Blaine County Hospital Auxiliary, and the Hailey Chamber of Commerce as Office Manager. She was also involved with St. Luke’s Wood River as a volunteer with patients and a program called “No One Dies Alone,” The Sawtooth National Recreation Area, Jazz Festival, Senior Citizen Center, and Freelance commercial artist.  She is currently Treasurer of the Hailey Cemetery Maintenance District.

Teddies’ favorite quote from an unknown author is: “Preservation of the Past is our Present to the Future. Her goals have been to raise awareness among residents and visitors by showing and telling them about the wealth of historical treasures on display at the Museum in Hailey.  She also wants to help maintain the values of the Hailey Cemetery by helping to make the cemetery a beautiful place for the deceased and for their families to come and reflect.

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