Plot Fees


The price for a Hailey Cemetery Lot

is determined by the location in which the person resides.

 In District         (One lot)                                                 $200.00

                                                                                                              Out of District (One lot)                                                  $500.00

To Open and Close a casket grave site                        $500.00

To Open and Close an urn grave site                           $206.00

Saturday Burial: Add to open and Close fee             $200.00

 Infant Burial                                     Waived (2 years and under)

Disinterment Fee                                                            $2,500.00

No Sunday Burials

Two cremations are allowed over one casket burial or four cremations

are allowed in a lot where there is no casket. If the lot is used for

cremation, no casket burial is permitted.

Family to make arrangements with cemetery officials

No family shall be allowed to purchase more than ten (10) lots without the full approval of the Cemetery District Board. No lot may be resold except back to the District for the original purchase price. No lot shall be conveyed to another person without notification in writing to the Board before interment takes place. No deviation from this price structure shall take place without the full approval of the Board.



Ray Grosvenor, Chairman

Marsha Riemann, Vice Chairman

Teddie Daley, Treasurer


Fee Structure Revised February 26, 2016





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