Hailey Cemetery Columbarium


Alturas Columbarium

What is a columbarium? 

A columbarium is a room or structure designed as a final resting place to house cremated remains. Columbaria are permanent structures with banks of cremation niches (similar to cubbyholes, but with secure fronts) that hold cremation urns.

The Alturas Columbarium:     

The Board of Directors at the Hailey Cemetery felt the need to offer the public an alternative to “in ground” burial of cremated remains. The percentage of cremations in the U.S. has risen significantly in the past few years. In Blaine County, approximately 75% of all deaths result in cremation. The decision was made to build a columbarium in the Hailey Cemetery.

The Alturas Columbarium Project    is in the NE Section of the Hailey Cemetery. In 2015 “phase one” of the project was completed. This stage of the development included the placement of three, two-sided, gray granite walls with a total of 180 polished, black granite covered niches available. Much like a traditional headstone, the granite niche covers can be engraved with the deceased’s name, dates and epitaphs.

Each of the columbarium walls is named after one of the many mines that were such a large part of Hailey history. The Dollarhide, the Idahoan and the Triumph.

The three walls are set around a natural Basalt column waterfall. With the benches provided and the beautiful surrounding landscape, the columbarium area is a calm, serene area to sit and meditate or just take in all the sights and sounds of nature so common in the Hailey.

More info on Columbarium’s:

  • The word columbarium comes from the Latin word “columbary” which is a structure for the nesting of Doves – The Dove being the symbol of God’s spirit & Peace.

  • A columbarium is a permanent structure with niches or compartments designed to hold the urns containing the ashes of loved ones.

  • A Columbarium provides a Place of Remembrance to visit and memorialize a deceased loved one, thereby helping the healing process of recovering from the loss.

  • The cost of cremation and a niche in the columbaria are significantly less than the costs of a casket burial and Marker.


Cost of an Alturas Columbarium Niche:

The price for a niche in one of the three Alturas Columbarium …. $1250.00.

* This price is all-inclusive and includes the niche, the open/close fee at the time of inurnment and the engraving on the front of the niche.



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