Letter from the Board

Dear Patrons and Others

The Board of Directors would like to address the 2022 year. In 2021 we had a change in our Board’s membership. We suffered the loss of Board member Ms. Teddie Daley, who passed away unexpectedly this past year, and we miss her dearly!

Fortunately, Mr. Randy Bird, a long-time Hailey resident, graciously agreed to fill her position and now represents Sub-District # 1. Randy brings with him fresh ideas and a new perspective to the Board! (Welcome, Randy!)

Our long-term Maintenance Supervisor, Mr. Wayne Burke, after 14 years, has announced his retirement. His impact on the Cemetery and its operations is visible throughout the grounds. (Happy Retirement, Wayne and Thank You!)

We are pleased to welcome Mr. Benito Martinez to the Cemetery Staff. Mr. Martinez has agreed to take over the position of Maintenance Supervisor. He has assisted with various operations at our Cemetery for several years and is familiar with its process.

We are looking forward to working with Mr. Martinez. (Welcome Benito!)

The Board continues to focus on improving the operations of the Hailey Cemetery. For 2022, several projects have been prioritized. Among them are some of the following:

First, complete the upgrade in parking and landscaping for the North Entrance and Office Area. Second, research the feasibility of installing a Columbarium for the Veterans Section. Another issue being considered is, providing a suitable memorial for those persons whose remains were scattered in another location and are not publicly identified.

The Board will be working with Ms. Gee Gee Lowe, head of the Memorial Day Committee, to provide a ceremony honoring our veterans buried here. (Thank you Gee Gee)

The Hailey Cemetery Board thanks you for viewing our Web Site and welcomes your comments to assist us with further improvements. Please contact our Board Clerk, Mrs. Katie Alloway, at the District Office.

Ray Grosvenor


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