default1 The Hailey Cemetery Maintenance District is committed to maintaining and improving the cemetery property in a professional and respectful manner. It is the desire of the Cemetery Board of Trustees to provide protection to the cemetery property and all who may use the cemetery. Questions associated with the operations of the cemetery may be referred to the Cemetery Board. It is the duty of the Board to provide a set of rules, which will allow for the orderly maintenance and upkeep of this facility.

1. All maps, plats, interment records, diagrams etc. will be found the Cemetery District Office.

2. All lots shall be held in accordance with the laws of the state, and the bylaws, rules and regulations of the Hailey Cemetery District now in force or which may be hereafter adopted: and no lots or graves shall be used for any purpose other than the burial of human remains.

3. Lots in the Hailey Cemetery will be conveyed to the purchaser by deed. No deed for any lot shall be issued, nor shall any right of ownership pass to the purchaser until the purchase price is wholly paid. A duplicate deed (so marked) where one has already been issued, may be had for a consideration of $5.00, upon submission of satisfactory proof of destruction or loss. No lot shall be sold except back to the district for the original price.

4. A permit for burial may be granted to either owner or to their heirs. Permission may be granted by either an owner or a joint owner for the burial of the remains of others than his (or her) immediate family. In all cases of interments on lots, a written permit from the owner of the lot, his legal heirs, or his duly authorized representative, must be filed with the district before such interment will be permitted.

5. Burial of more than one body is not allowed except in the case of cremation. Two cremations are allowed over one casket burial or four cremations are allowed in a lot where there is no casket. If the lot is used for cremation, no casket burial is permitted. The district prohibits enclosures of any kind. Curbing or coping around the lot, chairs, settees, awnings, wire work, rock work, trellis work, or other articles of structures that may be considered objectionable to the district authorities are prohibited. The district shall have the right to remove same without notice to the lot owners. No grave on any lot shall be opened, filled or sodded, except by the employees under the direction of the Maintenance Supervisor. Open/close fees are due and payable in advance of the time that application for interment is made unless prior arrangements are made.

6. The district prohibits enclosures of any kind. Curbing or coping around the lot, chairs, settees, awnings, wire work, rock work, trellis work, or other articles of structures that may be considered objectionable to the district authorities are prohibited. The district shall have the right to remove same without notice to the lot owners.

7. No grave on any lot shall be opened, filled or sodded, except by the
employees under the direction of the Maintenance Supervisor. Open/close fees are due and payable in advance of the time that application
for interment is made unless prior arrangements are made.

8. The Cemetery District shall have full right to fill and level graves and plant grass thereon when desired.

9. No planting of trees, shrubs or flowers will be permitted anywhere without the consent of the Maintenance Supervisor and under his direction. If any trees or shrubs situated on any lot shall by means of their roots or branches become detrimental to the adjacent lots or roadways or become unsightly, or inconvenient for visitors or others, it shall be the duty of the cemetery authorities and they shall have the right to remove said trees and/or shrubs or such part thereof as they shall determine to be detrimental, unsightly or inconvenient. The cemetery authorities shall have the right to remove any shrubs or trees that may become infected with disease.

10. Commencing on the Friday prior to Memorial Day and ending on theMonday following Memorial Day individuals shall be permitted to decorate
graves. Any decorations left shall be adjacent to the sides of the headstone to allow for mowing and trimming. Species of trees allowed to be planted:
Small Deciduous Maple, Mountain Ash, Schubert Chokecherry, Newport Flowering Plumb, Mayday Tree, Japanese Tree Lilac. Large Deciduous Norway maple, Swamp White Oak, Green Ash (Marshall or Patmoer). Small Conifers: Lumber Pine, Large Conifers, White Fir, Australian pine, Lodge
pole Pine.

11. The Maintenance Supervisor will use reasonable care in engaging competent and experienced workmen and seeing that they do their work with care; but the district disclaims any responsibility or liability for accident or damage to headstones, vases, monuments or mausoleums, resulting from the ordinary hazards of cemetery maintenance work. The district does not assume any responsibility for accident or damage to persons or property due to defects of machinery, implements, tools and equipment used in its work except due to the
negligence of the district or its employees. Reasonable efforts are made to protect flowers, trees, shrubs, monuments, markers, vases and other property on lots within the grounds, but no responsibility is guaranteed, and all such property is placed in the cemetery at the owners risk.

12. All persons are prohibited from gathering of any flowers, artificial flowers and from breaking or mutilating any tree, shrub or plant, or writing upon,
defacing or injuring any monument, fence or other structure in or belonging to the cemetery or the owner of lots. In the event of violation of this regulation, such persons will be reported to the proper authorities for
prosecution according to the law.

13. The cemetery association reserves the right to require 48 hours notice of any interment and no burial may be arranged without first obtaining
permission from the cemetery as to the time of holding such funeral. Upon entering the cemetery, funeral processions will be entirely under the
direction of the officers of the cemetery. No vehicle shall go more than five miles per hour. All parking must be done on existing roadways and persons
shall conduct themselves, while in the cemetery, in accordance with district regulations. There will be no Sunday interments.

14. No interment will permitted in the cemetery unless the grave to be used is fully paid for together with open/close fees and maintenance charges unless arrangements have been made for payment of fees and/or charges.

15. In the event that more than one grave space is desired, a contract may be entered into with the cemetery district for the unused portion of such
property so selected for the payment of the balance due within six months with interest, it being understood, and part of the contract, that in case of a
failure or refusal to make all payments of principal and/or interest promptly when due, the cemetery district may declare said contract forfeited, issue a
deed for the portion of such lot that is paid for, and take possession of the remaining unused lots

16. To protect the grounds from injury by inexperienced or irresponsible workmen, to insure good and uniform work, and especially to improve the lots, the district reserves the right to care for all lots and graves at its option.

17. Disinterments will be made only at the convenience of the Maintenance Supervisor.upon filing of the state disinterment permit or other papers required by law, and the payment in advance of the costs as estimated by the Maintenance Supervisor. All disinterments are governed strictly by state law and only such persons as are authorized by such law to be present will be allowed on the premises when disinterments are made. Further information may be obtained at the office of the secretary.

18. Should any grave be vacated by the removal of the body, the use of this ground shall revert immediately to the district and the usual fee for disinterment shall be charged; but if the body is moved to a lot purchased from the district the amount originally paid for the ground only shall be allowed the purchaser. The original purchase price shall be credited toward the purchase of a new lot.

19. The district reserves the right to have all excavations, digging of graves, grading and sodden lots performed by there own workmen. The district also reserves the right to prohibit the erection of any vault, monument, marker or other monumental work that may be considered by the cemetery authorities
inappropriate either in material, workmanship, size or location or which might interfere with the general view or effect. Monuments and markers must be made of marble, granite, native stone on bronze. None are
permitted to be made of wood, iron, glass, concrete or terrazzo. No concrete foundation shall be allowed above ground level. The Maintenance Supervisor should be consulted by any lot owner contemplating the placing of monuments or markers, so he may advise them of the size of the space owned by them and how much should be taken up by the monuments or markers. No monuments, markers or
other structure shall be erected on any lot or grave or plot until the purchase of such lot, grave or plot is fully paid.

20. Funeral Directors must furnish the District with a proper Burial Permit and other necessary vital statistics required for a complete interment record before such burial will be permitted. Funeral directors must comply in every respect with the rules and regulations of this district and all state laws and regulations now in force, or that may be adopted in the future.

21. The Cemetery District assumes no responsibility for temporary marking ofgraves or for the care or replacement of temporary markers or other markers as hereinbefore mentioned. Every grave must be marked in some approved manner after the interment of any body and within one year a permanent headstone shall be installed at the expense of the designated family.

22. Cut flowers, funeral designs and floral pieces will be removed when they become unsightly. Persons desiring to retain baskets or mementos shall remove them within 24 hours after interment.

23. No advertisement of any form will be permitted in the cemetery nor will soliciting be permitted.

24. Demonstrations or assemblies other than scheduled funeral or memorial services will not be allowed on cemetery grounds.

25. No dogs or other animals except for any service animals (seeing eye dogs,hearing dogs or service animals for mobility impaired persons) will be
permitted in the cemetery under any circumstances.

26. No mounds will be allowed over graves, whether sodden or not, it being the intention of the district to have smooth, flat lawn throughout the cemetery for
maintenance purposes.

27. Only ABS or concrete vaults and boxes are permitted for adult burials. All vaults shall be compacted along sides to top to a 95% compaction level.

28. Visitors are reminded that these grounds are sacredly devoted to the interment of the dead, and that a strict observance of proper decorum will
be required of all. Possession and/or use of fireworks, incendiary devices, including candles of other combustible items on cemetery grounds are strictly prohibited (unless permission is granted by the board
for special occasions or events). Violators will be subject to the penalties of the law.

29. The Maintenance Supervisor has entire charge of the cemetery grounds and he and the officers and employees of the district are authorized and directed to remove all persons who commit any indecorum or violate the rules.

30. All rules and regulations heretofore adopted which are contrary to, or conflict with those herein contained, are hereby rescinded and declared void; and these rules and regulations are subject to change by the Board of Directors at its discretion at any time and without notice.

31. No one person, corporation or family may purchase more than ten (10)
cemetery plots without the full approval of the board members. This amendment was passed in order to protect the Cemetery District from any possibility of a buyout by any one person, family or corporation.

Revised 12/16/2009

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